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Specialist Dyslexia Tuition

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  • We offer literacy and numeracy tuition for adults and children by qualified dyslexia specialists either one-to-one in our Grantham office, or online.

  • Each tuition session is 1 hour in duration.

  • Tuition is delivered using multi-sensory techniques that embrace the individual’s preferred learning style, which builds confidence. 

  • Online tuition is held over video conferencing. Online tuition students must have access to a computer with camera and microphone, or laptop, that can support video conferences over Zoom, Skype or other popular online video conferencing solution. 

  • Our qualified dyslexia specialists use part of the first tuition session to understand the student’s learning strengths, weaknesses and needs. Each subsequent tuition session is then individually tailored to each student to ensure they learn and are supported in the best way for them.

  • Specialist dyslexia tuition, online or one-to-one costs £40 per hour.

For more information about specialist tuition, or to make a booking, please either send an email to, or complete the form below. Someone will respond in 24 hours.


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