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Teacher and classroom multisensory learning support

Online support only

  • It is estimated that as many as one-in-ten students in the classroom is dyslexic.

  • One of the most important challenges that educators face is how to develop the literacy skills of struggling students. Recent developments in reading instruction for struggling readers suggests that multisensory learning is one of the most effective methods for doing so.

  • Literacy in particular is an inherently multisensory skill that benefits from differentiated reading instruction. This is because reading involves both recognizing written words and translating them into their corresponding letter sounds. For struggling pupils or those with reading disabilities, particularly dyslexia, multisensory learning can support the pupil to use multisensory strategies to learn thereby capitalizing on their strengths. Whether using it for classroom instruction or for extra support outside of the classroom, multisensory learning can help all pupils develop or strengthen their literacy skills.

  • Multisensory reading strategies also tie into more established educational methods, particularly Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

  • We work with teachers and schools who are Interested in creating a dyslexia friendly learning environment in their classrooms, to help them with lesson plans and to use effecitive strategies and resources that benefit the whole class. We also work directly with teachers or SENCos, either in the classroom, or outside, to support dyslexic pupils in the classroom.

  • School support services can be provided remotely through video conferences, webinar, or in person in the school.

  • The cost is £45 per hour.

For more information about incorporating multisensory learning techniques into your classroom, or providing more support for dyslexics, or to make a booking, please either send an email to, or complete the form below. Someone will respond in 24 hours.

Thank you for your enquiry

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