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Dyslexia support for teachers and classrooms

How we can support schools and teachers ...

Exam Access Arrangements

Exam Access Arrangements (EAAs) are the reasonable adjustments that can be made for an exam candidate and might include recommendations such as extra time to complete an exam paper, permission to use assistive technology, or provision of rest breaks. It is important to note that assessments that enable a pupil to gain Exams’ Access Arrangements may only be requested by the pupil’s school. 

Specialist Dyslexia Tuition

Whether a child has a dyslexia or other SpLD diagnosis, our specialist tutors provide individually tailored tuition in literacy, numeracy and study skills for students of all ages.
We implement a structured, multisensory, cumulative learning programme to enable develop necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to help them achieve their true potential.

Online tuition only

Dyslexia Assessments 

A full diagnostic assessment will determine if a person’s difficulties are the result of a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia. It will provide details of the person’s individual profile, their strengths and weaknesses and will make recommendations on how best to support the individual in school, university or work.

Teacher Support

Consultation for schools and teachers about strategies for supporting dyslexics in the classroom. 

Online support only

Assistive Technology Recommendations and Training

The range of assistive products for children with Dyslexia is constantly changing and improving. We know what is available and can match specific assistive technology products to a child’s needs. 

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