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Assessment for Exam Access Arrangements

Exam Access Arrangements (EAA) can be administered either in person, or remotely, or a combination of the two. 

We are taking bookings now for Exam Access Arrangements to be undertaken in school, in accordance with government guidelines regards schools opening.

  • The decision to provide access arrangements in examinations always rests with the Head of Centre (Headteacher), usually delegated to the school SENCo and the Examinations Officer. An assessment must be provided by an assessor who has a working relationship with the assessment centre. A private assessment may provide evidence to support this decision, but the school cannot be compelled to accept an independently commissioned report for the purposes of access arrangements;

  • Examination access arrangements should reflect the normal study behaviour/normal way of working of the child.  For example, if the child has dyslexia, and has mastered reasonably accurate reading skills but always reads out loud to process information they are reading, then it is reasonable to ask for the ‘read aloud facility’;

  • Extra time for examinations is not always the answer for students with dyslexia who tire easily.  Extra time could reduce the rest breaks between exams on heavy exam days, particularly at GCSE. Think carefully about which exams require the extra time. Would the child benefit more from the rest between exams? Seek the advice of your child’s school during and after mock exams;

  • The exam access arrangements assessment is undertaken by a qualified dyslexia specialist with a current APC.

  • The cost for an exam access arrangements assessment is £90, payable prior to the assessment unless other payment terms have been agreed.

  • A completed section C of Form 8 including written evidence and recommendations will be sent within 7 days of the assessment.

  • A report suitable for parents or guardians on the result of the assessment is available at an additional cost of £70, if ordered and paid for at the same time as the assessment.

  • Note: this service does not provide a diagnosis of dyslexia or any other SpLD.

For more information about exam access arrangements, or to make a booking, please either send an email to, or complete the form below. Someone will respond in 24 hours.

Thank you for your enquiry

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